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To preserve and perpetuate the heritage of Cornwall College as a Top 10, Jamaican High School that provides the foundation for developing outstanding Leaders for the Global Community.

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Connecting with Cornwall College has never been easier. Today we have several options for members and non-members to connect and remain connected to the school upon the hill. Check out all the options for connecting below

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Its typical for some of the alumni chapters to add new members to their alumni "whatsapp" group chat. This is a great place to engage and discuss interesting topics with fellow cornwallians. Join one of our regional association chapters and start reconnecting with your fellow cornwallians.


Facebook is our most popular social media platform. Almost all the regional chapters have a facebook page. Below is a list of our facebook pages by chapter


Instagram is another popular social media platform that we leverage for connecting with cornwallians. See below information by chapter


More infomation coming soon.

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