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To preserve and perpetuate the heritage of Cornwall College as a Top 10, Jamaican High School that provides the foundation for developing outstanding Leaders for the Global Community.


As members of the Cornwall College Alumni Association, one of our core objective is to help the school finance its daily operations. As such, we are relentless in our efforts to raise funds to help fill that financial gap.

The majority of our fundraising efforts take the form of an event, however, we do receive general donations from the generous CCOBA. We also recognize that individuals have preferences in what they want to contribute to, therefore, we have created various options and opportunities to donate. Please explore the opportunites below and donate to one of your preference.

With the donations that we have received in the past, it is important for us to highlight some of the success stories that have been made possible because of your contributions. Please explore the "Impacts of giving" below.

Opportunites to Donate

General School Fund
The General School Fund provides a way for alumni, parents, employees, students and friends, like you, to make an immediate impact on Cornwall College year after year. Gifts designated to the General School Fund directly support every aspect of the student's educational experience, from library books to laboratory equipment and athletic uniforms.

We encourage you to make re-ocurring contributions. By making annual contributions, you enable Cornwall College to continue to raise the academic standard and bolster the quality of education offered to students. Furthermore, you provide a critical and consistent stream of support that helps the school to be financially resilient.

Use the Paypal button below to contribute to the "General School Fund"

Impact of Giving

Over the past years the alumni association has made it possible to provide scholarships to a few students that have all gone on to become "Men of Might" in the global community. Below is a list of indivuduals that were awarded scholarships in the past:

Jonathan Morioaty - Medical Doctor
Malike Kellier - Attorney at Law
Jason Bowen - University of the west Indies
Mikhail Clarke - Attending University
Aston Harris - Attending University
Michael Heaven - Currently attending Cornwall College
Daniel Donaldson - Currently atttending Cornwall College
Aiden Jokomba - Currently atttending Cornwall College
Renaldo Ramsay - Currently atttending Cornwall College

There has been several attempts made in the past to introduce a sustainable breakfast program at Cornwall College. The need for the program became obvious after witnessing the number of boys attending school without breakfast. Some of the earlier and notable contributors to the program were  Mr. Ledger Kellier, along with Mr. Charles Gordon, who had donated $10,000 USD and $2000 USD respectively, to get the program off the ground. We also saw attempts made by the alumni association in Canada, which unfortunately ended after a year.

It was however, an effort lead by Mr Rato Samuels that gained traction with contribution from a few charitable organizations in Montego Bay. Today, we are grateful to have program that serves breakfast three time a week. There is tremendous need to expand the program even more, however, the program has been constrained by the limited financial support. We encourage all old boys and friends of Cornwall College to help the breakfast program become more sustainable.

The $3 million dollar renovation of the athletics field saw immediate effect on the overall athletics program for Cornwall College. We saw improved performances from our track and field athletes who were now performing at levels worthy of attending the PENN Relays on an annual basis. 
Our DaCosta Cup team within the same year of completing the field renovations made it to the fnals of the Issa Dacosta Cup tournament in consecutive years, 2015 and 2016 and were deservably crowned champions in 2016. The boys also won the under 16 soccer competition locally and were made runners up at the national level. The boys under 14, also won the tournament in 2018 and were made runners up at the national level.
It was evident that school and community pride had been restored when over 100 boys showed up for the 2017 Dacosta Cup trials. The old CC chants are once again shouted by the fans at the top of their voices from pavilion. 
Thanks to all the contributions who funded the $3 million dollar project to make the athletic field renovation a reality.

In recent times Cornwall College lacked the required funding to fully participate in track and field events. This lead a few individuals to invest in funding support for the team, which allowed the school hire coaches to run the athletics program. This had an immediate effect on the program and saw the boys competing vigorously in the Western Champs and the Boys Champs events. Based on the boys outstanding performance, they had earned the opportunity to perform at the Penn Relays held in North America. Today, it is customary for the alumni associations to cover a set amount of the cost associated with the trip, sponsoring between 2 and 4 boys each year. With the exposure that these boys are given at the Penn Relays, it is with great pleasure to report that many of our athletes have obtained athletics scholarships  to attend colleges and universities overseas.

The school continues to receive donations towards it's technology program. Thanks to recent efforts by members of the alumni body, the school now has two technology labs to support both the upper and lower schools. One recent and notable donation came from, Kimani Phillips class of 1995, in collaboration with DXC Technology and Cayasco Inc, to donate 10 Dell Lattitude Laptops to the school in 2017. These donations gives the future men of might the necessary hands on experience with technology tools, allowing them to develop skillsets required to compete in the ever changing digital world. We encourage everyone to continue to support the technology programs at Cornwall College.
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