Cornwall College Alumni Association of South Florida 2020 scholarship recipients
General description

Academic scholarships are designed to reward, encourage, and assist students financially while attending Cornwall College. Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate academic excellence, and leadership potential. Scholarships assist Cornwall College families cope with educational expenses such as Tuition, Books, Lunch, Transportation to and from school, etc.
The student academic achievements, leadership positions, extra curricular activities, and financial need, are considered during the scholarship selection process. Additionally, some scholarships are awarded based on financial need or other specific criteria such as area of study. Please visit the organization or donor offering the scholarship for more information. 
Types of scholarships

There are generally two types, renewable and non-renewable scholarships. The renewable scholarships will renew yearly for the maximum number of years enrolled at the institution and satisfy the criteria of the program. The non-renewable scholarships shall be one-time scholarships and the student will need to apply for successive years. 
Scholarship providers

Scholarships are provided by Alumni Chapters, Year Groups, Organizations and Individuals. All scholarships require a separate application. Be sure to read the requirements before submitting your application as corrections may delay the processing of your application. Please note that meeting the minimum criteria does not guarantee a scholarship award. See below for a list of available scholarships.
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