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Message from the Head Boy of Cornwall College

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Perched atop the peak of Pleasant Hill, sitting in lush grandeur with an exquisite view of the Caribbean Sea, sits the premier all boys sixth form institution in Western Jamaica – Cornwall College.

With: Participation, Respect, Accountability, Care, Teamwork, Integrity, Civic Responsibility and Excellence (PRACTICE), at the core of our Value System, Cornwall College will continue in its objective of “Transforming Boys into ‘Men of Might’ by imparting values and quality, relevant education, that prepares and empowers them to optimally function in the society and the global village.” Looking at history, we can look at numerous individuals who have clad themselves with the iconic Red and Gold, symbolic of Honour and Fame, and have filled their institution with the grandest of pride, on several fronts – locally, regionally as well as internationally.

This tremendous brilliance began a little over a score and a century ago, 121 years to be exact, when this institution was forged upon the great rock on which it currently sits. Fast forward today, and a great pathway of legacy has been set before us. Cornwall College is now a universal brand, one that has far reaching effects all over the region and wider diaspora.

This is due to the hard work, resilience and perseverance of many persons, who have now reached their zenith as ‘Men of Might’. We laud these great men who positively contributed to the name of this wonderful institution. The work however, does not stop here; it must be continued in order to extend the impact of this noble institution on the lives of students across our nation. It is on this premise that the torch of Cornwallian pride is passed on from one generation to the next. With each generation, the legacy of this prestigious institution becomes even more profound, and more integrated into our hearts and minds.

With this great culture being set by those before us, the task now rests on us, as the new generation of ‘Cornwallians’, to continue this legacy, and blaze a truly incredible trail, in all areas, whether it is through sporting pursuits, academic quests, extra-curricular activities, entrepreneurial exploits, scientific work, technical skills, or other areas of interest. In our doing so, we will be lighting a path for those after us, to follow. It is important to note however, that none of the aforementioned accomplishments could have be achieved without allowing belief to be the framework of the foundation upon which success can be built.

As we reflect, as we celebrate, as we plan for the future, may we always remember that mighty phrase, “Disce Aut Discede: Learn Or Leave” and that SuCCess cannot be spelt without ‘CC’.

Yours Truly,

Joel C. Barrett
Head Boy, Cornwall College 
2017-2018 Academic Year 

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