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Each student’s academic standing will be continuously assessed by means of regular tests, homework and class work. Twice per term the student’s cumulative Grades will be entered on the School Management System and will form a part of the student’s permanent academic record. Parents/Guardians of students who average less than 50% in  more than three (3) subjects in each grading period, will be called to a meeting at which this matter will be discussed with a view to improvement or academic adjustment.

The school has established the following standards:- 

Grade A   - 80% -100%

Grade B   - 60% -79%

Grade C   - 50% -59%

Grade D   - 40% -49%

Grade E   - 39% and below

Grades A, B, C are passing Grades, while D and E are failing Grades.


The school sets one internal examinations per year, at the end of the school year (June). 1. Students are responsible for presenting themselves at the place of the examination on the scheduled day and at the scheduled time. 2. Students must have all the equipment needed for the examination, as no borrowing will be permitted. 3. Students who fail to attend 90% of the classes for the year, for any particular course,  without an acceptable explanation, will be barred from such internal examination of the course.  Please see Appendix 4 for a detailed list of examination rules. 4. In order to protect the integrity of the examinations, the school will administer alternative examination papers to students who represent the school at official functions and miss the examinations.  Students who miss examinations or tests due to suspension or any other unexcused absence, will be given a zero for that exam or test.   


The school requires that all students present to their teachers, on a consistent, timely basis, class and home work that are of an acceptable standard. Students who fail to do so will receive a teacher’s detention. Persistent failure to produce homework will result in parents being called in. If proven that the student has failed to produce such work on at least two(2) occasions, he may be suspended for up to three(3) days.


Parents and Guardians are required to collect their sons’/wards’ reports twice per year - January and July. Parents and Guardians who are unable to collect these reports are asked to give a letter of authorization to a responsible, properly identified adult to collect them. Students’ reports will not be given to  students or unauthorized persons. The parents/guardians of students whose reports are not collected after two (2) weeks,  following the collection date, will be called in. Failure to comply will result in the student being barred from school until the parents are compliant.

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