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Information technology exists to support the mission of Cornwall College as defined by the school's leadership. Investments in information technology are driven principally by the desire to improve the way work is done; to improve decision making; to adhere to various regulations, policies; and

to help the organization manage its risks. The recommendations in this document serve as the foundation for strategically improving the IT resources and to facilitate a more collaborative work environment.

Four major IT themes were identified after interviewing stakeholders and faculty members regarding improving IT functionalities:


Theme 1: Establish New IT Governance

The school campus depends on IT services to conduct training, improve teaching/learning and provide administrative support. The school will develop and implement a governance process that provides strategic leadership and oversight of IT resources across the campus, establishes school‐wide IT priorities, and produces accountability and transparency.


Theme 2: Position Campus Network Infrastructure for the Future

Faculty, employees and students need a stable and secure network to communicate electronically with other

people, organizations, systems, and services. Using best standards and practices to improve wired

and wireless infrastructure (including emergency communications to be added in Phase 3), Cornwall College will move toward a unified campus network through cooperative agreements with the Jamaica Department of Education.


Theme 3: Establish the Proper Balance between Strong IT Security and Increased Access to Information and Services

The school’s campus expects sensitive data to be transmitted and stored securely and accessed only by those authorized to do so. Simultaneously, leadership’s demand for organizational data is increasing. This is becoming more and more challenging in an increasingly risky technical global environment. The school will enhance its IT security plan, policies, processes, and services to ensure that sensitive data is protected, while providing appropriate access to those who require data access to make informed decisions and perform the responsibilities of their work.


Theme 4: Improve Campus IT Communication and Collaboration Service  

Communicating and collaborating through voice, video, and data are fundamental to accomplishing the work of the school by individuals and organizations. The school will establish a vision for unified communication and collaboration services, identify the desired services to achieve the vision, and develop a plan for implementing the services (including the necessary funding strategy) to improve our ability to communicate and collaborate in a cost‐effective way.



Provide high-level information to help Cyberinfrastructure engineers understand the solution being proposed as well as the business reasons supporting the solution.


Describe the objective of the project (2 to 3 sentences)


Cornwall College demands the best of their students. However, for the students to deliver optimum results, the need to have access to emerging technologies will assist with higher learning.


IT equipment must have proper physical security measures to protect against weather conditions and damage to equipment.


The majority of the IT equipment was donated by the US law firm Blank Rome LLP along with financial contributions from the South Florida Chapter and the Class of 85.


An internal technical design document is available for review by the stakeholders. Its omitted by design to protect the integrity and security of the campus layout. The diagram includes the following:

The new infrastructure will be located in the auditorium and it will be independent of the exiting Jamaica Department of Education existing enterprise infrastructure.
Servers and network devices – will be physical gear unless there are specific technical issues that are expected to require virtual resources. Additional cost for licensing of VMWARE would be required for a virtual environment
Critical ancillary equipment T1 connection for internet provided by Cable and Wireless.


Provide detailed technical specifications for required infrastructure as outlined below.


Below sections 3.1.1 through 3.1.4 provides a brief description and function for each server that is needed, and include the following information:

  • Operating System
  • Application memory requirements
  • Application CPU requirements
  • Functional characteristics of the application and whether there are any system dependencies

Application Servers

  • Windows 2016 Enterprise Server


  • Windows 2016 Enterprise Server


  • Cisco ASA 5520 (asa982-38-smp-k8.bin)
  • Cisco 3750 48 Port P.O.E (Power over Ethernet)
  • Cisco 4507 R+E dual supervisor engines core switch


  • Number of users requiring simultaneous access to the domain
  • User communities who will need access, including
  • Application Developers
  • Departmental /School IT
  • Faculty
  • Students
  • Vendors
  • Guest


  • Staff Resources – School IT administrators to work alongside the IT engineers
  • Staff Dependencies – Buy in from staff to test and evaluate the systems deployed
  • Technical Dependencies – Core competencies required by assisting technical staff
  • Other Dependencies – Students/Volunteers to assist with manual labor to move IT Equipment


  • Cable and wireless will provide all the fiber and UTP Ethernet cabling prior to deploying systems. T1 or PRI circuit in place to provide Wide Area Connectivity.



  • Project funding. There is a need to involve other graduating classes to provide financial and onsite support if deemed necessary.


  • The lion’s share of the capital funding of the project is being handled by the Class of 85.
  • $5500 USD
  • Source of funds - raised via the Class of 85 and the South Florida Chapter of the CCOBA


The initial design is already completed and available for review. A basic overview is attached and the end of the document.


The core project team consist of a combined effort from the Class of 85, South Florida and the Montego Bay chapter members. All efforts are 100% volunteer.


Chapters & Affiliates    

Garth Brown

Montego Bay

Warren Bloise

South Florida

Adrian Kerr

Class of 85

Mark Ricketts

Class of 85

Oneill Quest

Class of 85

Ian Linton

Montego Bay/Class of 85

 Paul James

Class of 85

Dellon Richards                         

Class of 85




The projected high-level timeline is to compete the project for the upcoming 2019 Spring (May) semester.

Date (Month)               

Project Actvities


Receive Shipment of IT Equipment


Complete Fiber, UTP Cabling and Internet Circuit


Phase 1 deployment of Wireless, LAB and AD buildout


Testing and live implementation 


Stakeholder review and CC Board Approval




• Completed Project - Coming soon

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